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Gandhibhavan was founded in the year 2005 with the ambition to provide complete care to human lives. We embrace in helping human beings from all walks of life. Gandhibhavan is a total life care centre, situated in Kollam district of Kerala, India. The foundation of this honourable non-profit charity institution is built with the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation.

Gandhibhavan is providing shelter, food, medical and educational support to over 1000 inmates. Gandhibhavan inmates are a blend of infants, youths, middle aged and elderly people from both genders. We spread the message of love, peace and unity. Gandhibhavan institutions are legally registered entities with approvals and certifications from appropriate State and Central Government authorities..


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We welcome your kind visit, support and donations for: Food, Medical aid, Clothing, Education, Infrastructure, Transportation


With over 25,000 subscribers, Sneharajyam is the first charity magazine in Malayalam published by a non-profit institution in Kerala.

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Food and Prayer

Gandhibhavan conducts a wide range of community development and social responsibility programs. We encourage you to participate in our daily programs focused on being inspired by helping the needy thereby achieve happiness and peace. An ideal example of a day-out visit in Gandhibhavan with your loved ones could be to celebrate some of your memorable occasions .

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Global Charity Council

A unique council of Gandhibhavan well wishers & donors to create a network of philanthropists globally. The goal of this unit is to conduct regular meet ups to discuss best practices and improvise charity programs.


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"nice place"


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Read about the real life experience of our inmates.