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Volunteer Hair Donation By Gandhibhavan For Victims of Cancer

25 Nov, 2017


Youths from Gandhibhavan donated their beautiful hair for making of wig for victims of cancer who lost their hair due to Chemotherapy.  Ayush; son in law of Dr Punalur Somarajan, Kavitha; an MSc Computer Science Student, and an inmate daughter of Gandhibhavan and Ambili; an another inmate of Gandhibhavan took part in this humanitarian act with the extreme empathy to a fellow human being in deep sorrow and lost his / her confidence to face the society.

The project was organized by Chethana, a NGO from Kayamkulam.  Hair donation is also a great act of kindness such as organ donation and blood donation.  Though hair has no direct impact with the life of a human being but it will boost the morale and eliminate the inferiority complex of a person in social life who lost his / her hair in their childhood or early ages.

Ayush J Pratap was taken his decision to grow his hair for the cause for the last two years, and Kavitha donated her beautiful long hair in the memory of her mother who died due to cancer when she was an infant before adopting her by the Gandhbhavan her, as its first child on 24 Jun 2004. Ambili who is an inmate of Gandhibhavan with her two children was voluntarily joining the campaign.

 The wigs are being manufactured by Amala Cancer Centre, Thrissur.  They present the wigs to the needy patients free of cost.  It needs hair of five persons for making of a wig.  In open market it will cost from Rs 30,000/- to 1,00,000/-.