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Gandhibhavan is situated on the banks of Kallada River in Kundyam, near Pathanapuram of Kollam District. This great institution is well designed, deeply devoted and dedicated to the destitute ranging from months-old kids to well-aged senior citizens. They are left high and dry by the very people they count on, the deranged who move about aimlessly or without any destinations the paraplegic and the bedridden, the deaf and dumb, orphaned kids, the physically and mentally challenged and the persons who just came back from the brink of suicide, the visually challenged, the HIV affected and the cancer patients.
Former President of the India, Bharatha Ratnam Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam visited Gandhibhavan on May 7, 2015. He proclaimed “Gandhibhavan means a Mini India. We can see miniature forms of all sections of people here. The beauty of equality and secularism in this Mini India is exciting. I am very lucky to be here.”



  • “Good Place of Compassion, God Bless the Team”

    Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam
    Former President of India
  • “The Organisation is doing lot of Social Justice to all deserving persons. I Complement them for all their fortune endeavour.”

    Justice P. Sathasivam
    Hon'ble Governor of Kerala
  • “Gandhibhavan is a big charitable centre which upholds the secular credentials of India”

    Padmasree Dr. Yusuff Ali M. A.
  • Under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Punalur Somarajan, Gandhibhavan is functioning exemplarily well. One can only see the inmates with a heart of compassion. Volunteers of Gandhibhavan who are looking after the inmates, who do not know even their names, are role models for everyone. Gandhibhavan will have the support of the entire society.

    Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
    Chief Minister of Kerala
  • Excited to be able to take part in the love of Gandhibhavan. Congratulations to the Gandhibhavan family which acts as an exemplary charity.

    Shri. Oommen Chandy
    Former Chief Minister of Kerala


Guruvandana Sangamam series at Gandhibhavan: The great action having the given five mottoes passed its 1000 days “Mata Pitha Guru God-Nobody should ever give up parents, Do not use drugs, Keep soil and water cleanly, Preserve patriotism and secularism, Reject superstitions and customs.”…welcome all to this great action


This center is an accredited institution of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and Scientific Technical Education Development Council which are owned by the Union Government. The courses which have wide scope in India and abroad are conducted here. Economically weaker sections have an opportunity to study here with lowest fees. Examinations are conducted and...

Gandhibhavan is a big charitable centre which upholds the secular credentials of India

Padmasree Dr. Yusuff Ali M.A.



Gandhibhavan Saranalayam (Rescue home) is at Kareepra in Kollam district. More than hundred aged men and women are rehabilitated here with proper protection, medical care, Physical as well as psychological recreational facilities.

GANDHIBHAVAN IRCA Ezhamkulam, Adoor, Pathanamthitta

It is a full-fledged de-addiction centre with best in class treatment package managed by certified experts. Yoga, meditation, family counselling nutritious foods are provided to those who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol.


This center is an accredited institution of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and Scientific Technical Education Development Council which are owned by the Union Government. 


Gandhibhavan rules a special school having 275 students who are disabled with mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, Autism etc. The students include inmates and those coming from nearby places within 30km from Gandhibhavan.


Gandhibhavan Sneha Veedu (Home of Love) at Ayaprambil in Alappuzha district. More than hundred aged men and women are rehabilitated here with proper protection, medical care, Physical as well as psychological recreational facilities.


Aged men and women are rehabilitated here with proper protection, medical care, Physical as well as psychological recreational facilities. Mass contact programmes, as well as, cultural shows are arranged for these inmates.

GANDHIBHAVAN LOVE&CARE Vellarikkund, Kasargode

Aged men and women are rehabilitated here with proper protection, medical care, Physical as well as psychological recreational facilities. Mass contact programmes, as well as, cultural shows are arranged for these inmates.

  • Visited Gandhibhavan. Really felt humble looking at the services provided to the inmates of different categories over here. My sincere thanks to every member of team Gandhibhavan for their services towards the helpless section of the society.

    Dr. S. Karthikeyan I.A.S.
    District Collector, Kollam
  • I have had the opportunity of visiting various places. But this according to me is the most divine of them all.

    Justice Raja Vijayaraghavan V.
    Judge, Kerala High Court
  • May God bless Gandhibhavan to serve more and more people who require their services. Best wishes to Sri. Somarajan and his team.

    Sheela Thomas IAS (Rtd)
    Member Secretary, Kerala Administrative Reforms Commission
  • Absolutely, an Ideal Institution!

    Additional Secretary, Administrative Reforms Commission, Kerala
  • Typical in Service Sector!

    A. K. Balan
    Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes, Law, Culture and Parliamentary Affairs, Kerala
  • The organization is doing a lot of social justice to all deserving persons. I compliment them for all their future endeavours.

    Justice P. Sathasivam
    Governor of Kerala
  • Gandhibhavan is a heaven on earth. If rulers visit Gandhibhavan, they can bring in good administration. My wish is that there should be Gandhibhavan in each Taluk.

    Padmabhooshan Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan
  • Gandhibhavan is the biggest joint family in India. It’s promoter Dr. Punalur Somarajan is a version of Mother Theresa.

    P J Kurian
    Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman
  • Heart touching feelings with satisfaction.

    Honey M. Varghese
    Additional District & Sessions Judge
  • I saw the house of God”. With prayers

    Adv. Bindu Krishna
    President Kollam DCC & President Mahila Congress
  • Unbelievable experience. The civil society should adopt the pattern followed here for rendering similar services.

    Justice P. B. Suresh Kumar
    High Court of Kerala
  • I visited this great institution today in connection with a Lok Adalath programme of the KELSA and Gandhibhavan. I have no words to appreciate the excellence of this institution.

    Justice P Ubaid
    Judge High Court of Kerala
  • It is a great experience to come and see here. A great lesson! I bow before the selfless volunteers working behind this organization. I wish very best and goodness in this fabulous organization.

    Vinson M. Paul
    Chief Information Commissioner
  • Today, when I reached here unexpectedly, I feel sorry that why could not reach here early. I wish to say Gandhibhavan is the Heaven in Kerala, even in the world. That much love and goodness are filled in the atmosphere of Gandhibhavan. Everyone has to follow the work being done by Gandhibhavan as a motivation. My best wishes to the organization.

    Adv. M.S. Thara
    Member, Kerala Women's Commission
  • Gandhibhavan – The Best Shelter for Destitute in Kerala. My best wishes to the trust members for the good administration.

    B. Sasi Kumar
    Deputy Collector, Kollam
  • This day, I visited Gandhibhavan, will keep in my memory.

    A. C. Moideen
    Minister for Industries, Sports and Youth Affairs
  • Gandhibhavan – Depicts the Indian Mythology of “Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam”, “The Earth is One Family”.

    Perumbadavam Sreedharan
    Chairman of Kerala Sahithya Academy
  • Privileged to witness functions of Gandhibhavan. An ideal establishment! Well administered. Best wishes.

    E. P. Latha
    Mayor, Kannur Corporation
  • Those ones who can see the deprived and downtrodden as the gift of God is a man who is an envoy of God. It is blessings for those did goodness.

    Justice P. Somarajan
    Kerala High Court
  • It is my great luck to visit Pathanapuram Gandhibhavan, the kingdom love and compassion. Go farther and sow the seeds of love, goodness and selfless service all over the world.

    R. Sreelekha, I. P. S
  • I congratulate the Mr. Somarajan, the role model of eternal love and compassion, and his team of humanitarian services. In Gandhibhavan, you exemplarily pursue the vision of Gandhiji. Definitely, it is a holy land!

    Dr. K.R. Viswambharan I.A.S.
    Chairman, Oushadhi
  • I reached the shores of ‘Ocean of Love’, the Gandhibhavan. The miracle beach of Mr. Somarajan will exist forever.

    C. Divakaran M.L.A.
    Kerala Legislative Assembly
  • My heartiest congratulations to Gandhibhavan and its Secretary Dr. Punalur Somarajan for such an exemplary social service.

    M.M. Hassan
    K. P. C. C President
  • Good feeling. It proves that Goodness and Love not yet vanished from this world. A big joint family where love and togetherness lives. Wish you all the Goodness.

    Padma Shri M Chandra Dathan
    Former Director, VSSC
  • This visit helped me to keep so many mothers, sisters and brothers in my heart. Wish you all the goodness. Let the feeling of compassion alive.

    Chintha Jerome
    Chairperson, Kerala Youth Commission
  • I am extremely happy to visit such a very well administered establishment

    Dr. Chithra. S
    Asst. Collector Kollam
  • I am feeling lucky to see Gandhibhavan, Pathanapuram. I saw here all inmates are being looked after with at most care and keep love among them. They are happy and satisfied. The premises of the establishment are very neat and tidy and hygienic. It can be taken as an example for other institutions too. God Bless!

    Thomas Unniyadan
    Former Govt. Chief Whip
  • Visit to Gandhibhavan gave me a sensation of compassion. I pray to the God to shower his blessings to Gandhibhavan and its endeavor to restore compassion, love and empathy which is being vanished from the society, in Gandhian ways.

    V. Muraleedharan
    State President B. J. P
  • I were in the picture of the service provided by Pathanapuram Gandhibhavan but did a little late to reach here. My best wishes to all endeavors of Gandhibhavan.

    Kanam Rajendran
    State Secretary CPI
  • I appreciate the yeomen social service provided by Gandhibhavan with the implementation of the essence of Human Rights.

    Justice J.B. Koshy
    Chairman of Kerala Human Rights Commission
  • Best Wishes.

    Ramesh Chennithala
    Opposition Leader of Kerala Legislative Assembly
  • One’s do for his betterment must be Better for others too”. This wording of Sree Narayana Guru put in practical by Sri. Punalur Somarajan, his family members and the selfless volunteers of Gandhibhavan. My best wishes to all of you. Blessing of Gurudeva is showered on all of you.

    Swami Rithambharananda
    General Secretary, Sivagiri Madam
  • It is an unforgettable opportunity in my life to visit Gandhibhavan. It is an ideal institution displaying discipline and discharging eternal services to the human being who are deprived. It is pertinent to say that I saw everyone staying here is satisfied and happy. I feel proud that here I saw “Work without Desire” in Gandhibhavan and it is an open book.

    Prof. Dr. N. Ahmad Pillai
    Commissioner, Disabilities and Ex-officio Secretary for Persons with Disabilities, Government of Kerala
  • Today I fulfilled my long ambition to visit Gandhibhavan. I feel Blessed. I wish everything good to Somarajan and his institution for understanding and reflecting the meaning of compassion and services to the human being.

    C.P. Nair, IAS
    Former Chief Secretary
  • Love is God, It is in Gandhibhavan.

    Swami Sunildas
    Chairman Muthalamada Sneham Charitable Trust
  • It is my fortune to come here!

    Kadakampalli Surendran
    Minister for Co-operation, Tourism and Devaswom, Kerala
  • I have never seen such a view of charity work. Not only the number of inmates but their diversity also surprised me. Only a great man can maintain such an institute for long time.

    T. M. Thomas Isaac
    Finance Minister, Kerala
  • It hurt very much my heart. The work being done by Sri. Somarajan is great. This institution teaches us the life. My mind says I will come here once to be part of this philanthropic activity.

    V. Sasi
    Deputy Speaker, Kerala Legislative Assembly
  • It is only with the grace of ‘Allahu’ I had an opportunity to visit this great institution and spend some time here. If Allah Wills, I too will be a companion of this divine shrine.

    P. H. Abdul Gaffar Moulavi
    Imam, Valiyapalli, Thiruvananthapuram
  • I had the divine intervention to visit Gandhibhavan. The way of functioning of Gandhibhavan where Gandhiji’s vision for equality, love, and fraternity has been synchronized is ideal to follow.

    M. Nandakumar IAS
  • I have never visited such a great establishment!

    V.S. Sunil Kumar
    Minister for Agriculture, Kerala
  • I appreciate the act of goodness you are doing quite beautifully. My Best Wishes!

    P. Aisha Potty
    Kerala Legislative Assembly
  • The volunteer service is quite appreciable. My wholehearted best wishes to the philanthropic activities. May the God bless you with very success in your future endeavors!

    Kummanam Rajasekharan
    President B.J.P Kerala
  • Service and its meaning can be understood from here. The meaning service can bring to many lives can be seen here. I’m thrilled by the service rendered by Gandhibhavan to humanity. I pledge all support for the good work. All the very best to the trust.

    A. Kowsigan I. A. S
    Former District Collector, Kollam
  • Visited Gandhibhavan. Glad to see that those who are in need of care, protection, accommodation etc. are taken care of and the members of the trust are doing dedicated work for the well being of the inmates from the society. May God bless the organization, its office bearers and staff for doing more services for settlement of society.

    Dr. Lissy Jose
    Member, Kerala Womens Commission
  • Visited. Best Wishes.

    E.S. Bijimol M. L. A
    Kerala Legislative Assembly
  • My first visit to Gandhibhavan. Greatly impressed by the dedicated work being done here. my best wishes for all those efforts and I offer my wholehearted support for the venture.

    K. Mohandas I. A. S.
    Former Secretary in Ministry of Shipping at India
  • I express my sincere appreciation for the meritorious service rendered to the inmates and congratulate them

    Justice R. Rajendra Babu
    Kerala High Court

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