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Mega Lok Adalat Held At Gandhibhavan On 16 December 2017

26 Jan, 2018

Mega Lok Adalat was held at Gandhibhavan on 16 December 2017 from 09.00 AM to 5.00 PM under the Chairmanship of Kerala High Court Judge Justice P. Ubaid.  The Adalat was organized by KELSA (Kerala State Legal Services Authority) Legal Aid Clinic, District Legal Services Authority Kollam and Taluk Legal Services Committee Punalur & Pathanapuram Taluk. Out of 84 cases presented before the Adalat 16 cases were settled.</p>

            In his inaugural speech Hon’ble Justice P. Ubaid said that “Ignorance about Law is the major reason for denial of Justice.” Even though, The Constitution of our Country is designed to ensure Social, Economic and Political Justice to all people of the Country, most our society is not privileged with desired benefits of our Judicial System.  A major part of our population is not even having knowledge of the functioning of our judicial system.   There are so many cases pending in our courts for years which can be settled amicably out of the court premises through Lok  Adalats.

            Lok Adalat does not mean its literal meaning of ‘People’s Court’ but it is a ‘Court with People’s Participation’.  Years-long proceedings of cases are also denial of justice.  There are so many instances of Denial of Justice due to ignorance of laws and lack of financial security of the weaker section of our society.  Lok Adalat provides a big relief in their life, he added.</p>

            The High Court Judge opined that Gandhibhavan holds a high dignity in our country.   According to our constitution, The State is responsible to provide Justice and Safety to its people.  The emergence of institutions like Gandhibhavan shows the failure of our Government.  Therefore, Gandhibhavan is performing the duty which has to be done by the Government.